Mission Statement:

As servants of God, our mission is to serve the social, spiritual, and physical needs of humankind through Christ-centered teachings, Comprehensive relationships and Community-focused ministries


“Servants of God, Serving the People of God!”

Vision Statement:

Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church is an instrument for effective change that empowers, encourages, and equips God’s people through the liberating and life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ

Mount Zion A.M.E. Church



Steward Ministry – This ministry provides spiritual leadership as well as manages and oversees the fiscal program of the church.


Trustee Ministry – This ministry assists in the mission of the church by caring for the buildings, tangible property, and grounds of the church and all church-owned properties.


Stewardess Ministry – The stewardess ministry assists the pastor and the stewards in the discharge of their duties relative to the rituals of Baptism and Holy Communion.


Deaconess Ministry– The deaconess ministry consists of single, widowed, or unmarried women of good character who encourages, fosters, and improves the general interests of the church by cheering the fallen, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, seeking out the homeless, and saving the lost.


Congregational Care Ministry – This ministry consists of leaders who assist the pastor in reaching and touching the lives of each member of the church. It is the responsibility of the congregational care leader to call and visit members at least once a month and to be able to discern whether they are in need of spiritual, emotional, physical or financial assistance.


Church School Ministry – The church school shall train, nurture, prepare, and recruit adults, young adults, youth and children in God’s Word for Christian service, emphasizing those Christian principles, which are essential for effective Christian growth and participation. This teaching and training shall be designed to prepare them for and assist them with effective living and Christian leadership in a changing society.


Music Ministry – This ministry is dedicated to the proclamation of the Gospel through hymns, spirituals, sacred music, gospel music, praise and worship music, while strengthening and enriching the spiritual life of the church members and bringing non-believers into His kingdom.


M.J. O’Neil Usher Ministry – The ushers serve as doorkeepers in the house of the Lord. Ushers help the worship experience run more efficiently by directing congregants to their seats are responsible for receiving offerings.


Lay Organization – This ministry is comprised of all church members who are not considered clergy. The purpose of this ministry is to instill within the membership a love and appreciation for the history, tradition and principles of African Methodism; encouraging the support of the church, fostering systematic and regular study which will provide greater knowledge and participation in the church.


Mary Leaver Women’s Missionary Society (WMS) – This ministry brings together women of all ages with the express purpose of serving the church, community, and Christ through missionary activities.


Young People and Children’s Division (YPD) – The YPD is a division of the WMS which seeks to bring individuals together from the ages of 2 to 26 in order to perform community service projects, learn about leadership, as well as have fun in appropriate social settings.


Department of Christian Education – This ministry educates all ages about the teachings and principles of Jesus Christ, the Bible, and other religious and social issues; provide congregants with opportunities for spiritual growth and faith development.


Department of Membership & Evangelism – This ministry has a two-fold mission and purpose. First, its purpose is to spread God’s message by connecting with the community by canvassing through mailings, door-to-door, and street witnessing. Secondly, the purpose of this ministry is to educate new members on the foundational principles of our faith, the denomination, and our church.


Greeters’ Ministry – The greeters’ ministry seeks to build relationships with visitors by providing a welcoming environment and pertinent information as it relates to the worship experience as well as the church.


Media Ministry – The media ministry is responsible for the technological components of the worship experience as well keeping members informed through email and our phone system. The media ministry also keeps our website updated and manages our social media accounts.


Vine Ministries – This ministry provides a context for children, youth and young adults to worship, socialize, learn, and grow in the faith. This ministry is broken down into three divisions: Vine Kids, Vine Teens, and Vine University.